In case you are searching for a children’s birthday cake in Bergen County NJ, don’t look any further than Sugarflake Bake Shop. Children’s faces light up when they see a colorful specialty cake that’s been created particularly for them, which is among the reasons we are in this business. We enjoy helping bring parents’ imaginative ideas for children’s birthday parties or special occasions to life. All it takes is a photo or even just a sketch, and we’re able to create a specialty cake which will taste as sweet as it looks. So be creative when you want a custom cake in Saddle River NJ and bring us your best ideas.

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When you order a decorative cake from our cake shop in Bergen County NJ, you can be sure that we create it using only the finest natural ingredients. Here you will not find all those artificial ingredients you get with store bought cakes. We’re the most popular cake shop for specialty cakes in Saddle River NJ because we use simply the very best flour, freshest eggs, and other ingredients of the absolute best quality possible to produce a cake that will taste homemade.

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When you want a child’s birthday cake in Bergen County NJ, there is no one else you ought to call. Nowadays, it is rare to truly have enough time and energy to make your own home-made birthday cakes. Kids enjoy getting birthday cakes they know are custom made for them, not the same supermarket birthday cake their friend had at a recent occasion. We bake and design custom cakes which are made with the best ingredients and are one of a kind, from princess birthday cakes to custom cookies and other treats. That is what makes us the finest bake shop serving Saddle River NJ. With five days advance notice, our Sugar Flake Bakery team can create a delectable gluten free cake for kids who need to stay on a special diet.

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Even although many people think of birthday cakes when they hear the words kids’ cakes, we craft unique custom cakes for a number of different occasions. What better way to celebrate a straight A report card than a delicious cake from the leading family owned cake shop in Bergen County NJ – Sugarflake Bakery? Has your kid’s scout troop won first place in the local Pinewood Derby competition? Our bakers can craft the ideal delectable custom cake modeled after their winning car to celebrate their achievement. We also make treats for receptions after dance recitals, school plays, and band concerts. You can always be certain that you’ll get a cake to remember by shopping with Sugarflake for your decorative cakes in Saddle River NJ.

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Do not forget, specialty cakes are not just for children. We create custom cakes which are perfect for just about any occasion, such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, promotions, or anything else you might want to celebrate. We have a great selection of fresh pre-made cakes, or describe the ideal cake to us and we’re able to craft it to your specifications. For anyone with particular dietary needs, our sugar free and gluten free cakes taste amazing without making anyone feel left out. As with our other cakes, we use just the freshest natural ingredients when we make cakes for people that need to watch their diets. Our gluten free cakes taste so good that we’re widely considered the best cake shop for gluten free cakes in Bergen County NJ.

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It does not matter what the event is; if you can imagine it, we’re able to make it! We have created delectable princess cakes, ladybug cakes, even kids’ favorite cartoon characters. As a family-owned bake shop in Bergen County NJ, we realize money is tight nowadays, particularly when raising kids. We’re not just the most innovative bake shop for a custom cake in Saddle River NJ, we’re also the most cost-effective, providing our clients the most competitive prices possible while not sacrificing quality. This is the reason why people who purchase children’s birthday cakes from us come back years later for a specialty wedding cake when their children are all grown up. There’s absolutely no reason for you to go elsewhere. When you need a custom cake in Saddle River NJ, call us immediately!